Our Process

Our process for developing your custom website is pretty simple. Once you contact us for your site development we'll ask that you send us 4 or 5 links to websites of which you like the look. This is not to copy anyones work, but this allows us to get a feel for your taste in design. We'll also ask for a copy of your current logo. This is always a foundation for designing the site around your brand. At that time we will review what you have and offer any suggestions for upgrades if necessary. Branding the site properly is ultimately critical to the sites' success. We have excellent graphic design capabilities and sometimes a small tweak can make all the difference.

Once we're all on the same page, we'll take that input and create a design draft for you. You will not be asked for any payments until you know exactly what you're getting. Once the design meets your approval, then your payment would be due. The amount will vary based on the type of job. Either way, you know exctly where you're at financially at all times.

Geo Landing Pages Layout

When creating geographically targeted landing pages, it’s important that content on the page be specific to that location. While formatting and layout can be standardized, the actual content must be specific. The following outline can be used as a structured layout; however the actual topics shown are suggestions for ideas and can be modified if needed.

Google Page Rank Guidlines

In 2018 Google realized that the so called "SEO Experts" where trying to scam the search algorithms for results placement. As a result they hired an army of "human evaluators" to check indexed pages and evaluate that page's quality for use in ranking or placement. You might be surprised at what they found to be important for deciding how to rank a specific web page.


WordPress Integration for ERS & Inflatable Office Starting at $199!

Smart Search for ERS Websites Call for Pricing!

Custom Photo Gallery Module for ERS Only $30 Installed

InflatableOffice WP Custom Category & Product Pages Call for Pricing!

InflatableOffice WP Custom Websites from $1999!

Custom 3D Modeling for the Web

Everybody loves the Ninja Jump 3D models on their product pages. Only bad thing is that hundreds of operators have the exact same model on their sites. Now you can have a 3D model that's far better than the simple Ninja models with complete control on all axis. Tip it over and look in side, you can see all the elements. Really want to make it your own" add your company log to the front, set within your own background scene. This new application can also be added to your home page slider. (See the SWD Homepage for an Example - Slide#3) We just need the unit measurements and a complete set of photos, inside and out, and you're in business.

If you have a great unit and want to create the best online presentation of that piece, just give us a call and we'll help you knock it out of the park with these eyecatching 3D models, that you won't have to share with anyone.

  •   Shadowbox Media
  •   Video Production
  •   Adwords Campaigns

1 - Shadowbox is the industry standard when it comes to a professional presentation of all kinds of media formats that can take up valuable real estate on your web page. Video, 3D models and larger images can be displayed in this classic app..

SWD can install this licensed app and help you with a page organization that will enhance your page design and give your site the look and function seen on today's most popular websites.

2 - Short online video presentations make all the difference in the world when trying to get you message across to your customers. SWD can take your video footage and turn that into an exciting introduction to your company that will get your message across clearly.

Professional edits, transitions, and graphics that will make your company standout from the competition.

3 - Having a clear understanding of how Google's ever changing Adwords advertising platform works, can be challenging at best. Combine that with the changing control panel layout, tools, tips, and extra features can become imp[ossible for those not working with it on a daily basis.

SWD can create a custom Adwords campaign for you based on your goals and market, and give you the knowledge to maintain and it expand it on your own. All for one low fixed price. Most CPC companies will keep on the hook as long as they can. SWD give your the tools to take control.

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